Cargo Handling

Our facilities are designed to ensure the fastest, most convenient transit through the airport. We provide state-of-art facilities with brand new equipment, including an automated air cargo pallet handling system with two elevating transfer vehicles providing storage for 500 aircraft pallets.

The cargo terminal represents an investment of approximately KES 3,952.28 million and extends over 55,000 sq.m. With a fully secured, access controlled environment protected by CCTV coverage, the terminal handles around 450,000 tonnes of cargo a year.

Specialist handling of high-value goods, outsized cargoes, dangerous goods, radioactive goods and live animals is also provided. There is also a temperature controlled perishables center with 6 different temperature cold rooms.

Facility Specification

  • Total facility size 12,350 square meters
    • Office block for corporate offices 3-storey 5,150m square meters
  • 2,500 square meters of cold storage area
  • 2 Level ETV system
    • Cold storage for built units in ETV system
    • Secured storage for built units in ETV system
  • 5,720 square meters truck parking and maneuvering area
  • 1300kVA automated UPS standby generator ensuring self-sufficiency and uninterrupted power
  • 5 x Cargo X-ray scanners
  • 2 x scissor lifts, Rollerbed
  • 35 x LD3 containers in a temperature controlled environment
  • 13 landside loading bays
  • 13 airside dolly loading doors
  • 132 CCTV cameras

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Cargo Road, JKIA Freight Terminal
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